Fooling Around in April


I’ve thought a lot about what I need most in my life this month and I came to the conclusion that I need to lighten up (and I’m not the only one who thinks so…).   I’m hoping that filling my month of April with as much laughter as possible might be the solution.
I went on a walk this morning and thought I’d kick off April 1st with a “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” podcast.  About halfway through my walk, I realized how much I was focusing on negative things (crazy drivers, Dudley pulling/marking, the sleep I didn’t get, etc.).  I think that having more fun is exactly what I need to do.

Today’s stats:
LOL moments: 0

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  1. I have a suggestion: watch America’s Funniest Home Videos every single day. No matter how foul a mood I’m in, I always end up rolling on the floor once some guy gets kicked in the crotch or faints during their wedding. I can’t stop laughing even if I try!

    Wait… is it bad to laugh at someone else’s expense? They did submit the video after all, right?

    FAIL blog works pretty well, too. I like to save them up in my reader and then scroll through dozens of posts at a time, crying I’m laughing so hard.

    GREAT resolution for the month, btw, but I find it hard to believe someone thinks you need to lighten up! I always love being around you! Besides, I thought I was the only one who got told that day in and day out, though my critique-er is a little more harsh– I usually just hear “You’re no fun.” 😦


    Thanks for the inspiration. Let’s try to hang out soon and be fun together.

    • Yay! I’m already having more fun now since you are joining me!

      Great idea about America’s Funniest Home Videos! And Fail blog- how did I not know about this? It had me at its picture of a sign with “lost dog big black reward.” Ha!

      Let me know what else keeps you laughing…

      I’d love to hang out and be fun together this month. 😀

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