Core Beliefs


Today I’m going to try to see the beauty in one of my most loathed body parts.  Here was our conversation this morning:

Me: You know, you really are pretty great.
Abs: Really? I thought I disgusted you?
Me: I know. I really have not treated you with the respect you deserve. You housed the most precious thing  for 40 weeks. That’s an accomplishment.
Abs: It wasn’t easy.
Me: And you really have come a long way. Way to go! You were huge last summer!
Abs: Thanks?

Me:  I will try my hardest not to compare you to what you were or think about what you never will be, and just appreciate you for what you are.

Abs:  Good luck!

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  1. nice! and they do such a great job holding us up. they are kinda like a spine in the front. very very large strong muscle group. yay abs! way to go abs!

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