The Naked Truth


In my search for yoga classes, I discovered Austin Naked Yoga.  I don’t envision myself going to this in June (…or most likely ever).  However, I would happily welcome a guest blogger.

Each month I try to get a little outside of my comfort zone with the resolution I pick.  While doing nude yoga publicly is out of the question for me, I decided to do yoga at home naked, all by myself, shades drawn.  And it was…interesting.  Why did it feel so foreign to be in my birthday suit?  Why did I feel so vulnerable/giddy/embarrassed/plump/natural/ego-less/beautiful? I can’t say I enjoyed the practice more, but it was different.  It was certainly an exercise of self-acceptance .

(With my clothes on,) I read this article in Yoga Journal and was truly surprised at the growing popularity of nude yoga.

Anyone think this is totally wacky?  I double-dog dare you to try it.  I just might try it again too.

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