Practice Random Acts of Creativity


I was inspired by an article I read in Family Fun magazine about Keri Smith, an “experimental artist”/author/illustrator/mom who uses her creativity to make every day life more beautiful and magical.  She is the author of several books, like Wreck This Journal, in which each page has instructions to do something destructive like scribbling, chewing, and tearing out pages.  Here are some of her ideas of putting art out in the world:

  • make your own fortunes and hide them in places (i.e. stores, library) for others to find
  • leave miniature origami or drawings in public places
  • make a coupon poster (like those that advertise something and have tabs at the bottom to rip off with contact information) promoting fun, art, etc. —with tabs like “pass it on,” “unlimited deep breaths,” or “what will you do today?”
  • Go for a dice walk; make a cube with arrows on each side that designate the direction you will walk
  • collect objects and make a story about its magical properties (her idea:  “if you plant this magic pinecone, the tree that grows from it will cause all who sit under it to fall asleep and have magical dreams”)
  • you can even doodle on her website!

I think I’m going to attempt some origami first.  Where will your creativity take you today?


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  1. Just got Keri Smith’s The Guerrilla Art Kit at the library- more great ideas including how to make ‘Seed Bombs;’ ‘Little Notices’ (paper that says NOTICE the sound of your feet on the pavement, etc.); ‘Love Letters’ (a letter found in a public place or sent to someone you admire); installation of a public chalkboard…

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