There’s an app for this


Some of these resolutions are more “blog-able” than others.  This month seems to have less to write about than past months.  Or maybe I’m just not smart enough to think of blog ideas?

Anyways, there are so many iPhone apps out there that my brain finds quite challenging, including these that are *free*:

  • Words With Friends
  • Brain Trainer from Lumosity (they have a great website, especially if you’re a subscriber, which I’m not currently…)
  • TanZen Lite
  • Brain Toot Lite (terrible icon of a brain tooting but it has my favorite games)
  • Unblock Me
  • Crack the Code
  • Scramble/Scramble 2
  • Sudoku Lite
  • Word Warp/Word Warp Xtreme

I  do love the Scrabble app ($2.99).   And if all of those don’t do it for you, there is even a Justin Bieber Brain Games for app for $1.99.  I bet it’s really awesome.

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