More Gratitude


This week I’ve been grateful for:

  • time with my extended family
  • iPhone apps and Sesame Street podcasts that helped me entertain my daughter on the drive to Dallas
  • safe, as well as sane, highway travels
  • M&Ms
  • resolution with a neighbor (pfew.)
  • a Boo Readleys book club meeting, LOVE our get-togethers
  • the beautiful red leaves on our tree
  • the way my daughter says “hi mama,” so proud of herself
  • a good night’s sleep
  • my Snuggie’s warmth, while I read
  • time to read good books, magazine articles and blog posts
  • kids’ clothes at Target ($4! every day!)
  • challenging Scrabble games
  • lazy Sunday, complete with a nap
  • my husband- thank you, Darlin’ for all that you do!
  • mmmm…hot tea on cold nights
  • perspective
  • upcoming holidays
  • holiday candles
  • holiday music
  • holiday food- yippeee!

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