Thanksgiving is done but the gratitude continues.  This week I’m thankful for:

  • time with my family this week
  • …and only 3 more weeks until we get together again!
  • capturing special moments with little D on video
  • Stevie Wonder Christmas Collection
  • writing time last week with my inspiring friend, Colleen
  • watching little D’s face when the Christmas tree was lit
  • board games, in particular Apples to Apples and Quelf
  • crunchy fall leaves
  • Dudley’s amazing ability to catch cockroaches and take them outside
  • queso
  • the movie, Elf
  • our neighborhood toads, still around to entertain us
  • my Green Goodness smoothie from HEB, a few sips take away any guilt I had from indulging in delicious food
  • having a friend who is also a photographer extraordinaire (Thanks, Emily, for the family photo shoot!)
  • an inconvenient task-turned  perfect solitary evening walk around the block
  • time to do yoga
  • beer
  • getting to bed early and reading
  • repetitive requests from little D, “mama, mama”
  • Real Simple magazine
  • momentary acceptance of my muffin top
  • perspective, presence, awareness, breath
  • little D giggles
  • my husband- thank you for all the things you do for little D & me!

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