Movement Meditation


I am no meditation expert- I have meditated occasionally for years, but I have never been very regular about it.  I have learned though that there are many different types of meditations, which is good news- especially for those of us, like me, who have a hard time with the traditional just-sitting-still-type-of-meditation.

This week I enjoyed a little movement meditation.  Movement meditation can translate to practically any action, but especially rhythmic or repetitive movements like walking or dancing.  For those of you interested in walking meditation, here is a link to more information from Austin-based yoga and meditation teacher, Charles MacInerney.  He also has information on writing meditations, eating meditations, and mantric meditations.  If dancing interests you, I love Shiva Rea’s Trance Dance DVD or her CD.  It is a fun and challenging introduction to trance dance that aims to “liberate your creative life force.”  I love the way it feels, both spiritually and physically.  I still feel a little crazy when I’m doing it, but it’s a good kind of crazy.


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