2010 Resolutions


Pfew! I have been so excited to write this post- happy one year blog anniversary to us! I have really enjoyed having monthly resolutions, and blogging all about them this year.

I thought I’d recap first the resolutions of 2010:
January- Dance
February- Love
March- Cook
April- Laugh
May- Find Beauty
June- Yoga
July- Create
August-  Learn
September- Save $$$
October- Wag More, Bark Less
November- Thank
December- Meditate

Just like high school, I thought I would best conclude this year of resolutions with a “Most Likely” List.

Most likely resolution to succeed: Tie between December’s Meditate and January’s Dance- I will definitely continue these resolutions.

Most fun resolution: I have to go with January’s Dance resolution again.

Most likely to be the lamest resolution: August’s Learn resolution- I love to learn but there really wasn’t much to blog about, nor was it significantly life-changing.

Most challenging resolution: Hmmm, meditating was hard (December), and so was giving myself some much-needed self-love (February).  Working and walking the dogs (October) was a bit of a drag at times.

Most surprising outcomes: July’s Create resolution- Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind is still influencing my worldview.

Most significant changes on happiness: January’s Dance resolution.  Easiest way to turn my frown upside-down.

A HUGE thank you to YOU for reading this blog. It has made my journey that much more enjoyable. I have had fun learning about myself with these resolutions but it has brought me so much joy when I’ve heard from you in your comments, especially when you’ve played along me.   Any resolutions of yours/mine that were especially memorable to you this year?

I had considered just blogging for one year, but I don’t feel ready to call it quits. I still have a long list of resolutions.  Cheers to 2011’s resolutions!


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  1. Kari,

    Thanks for your inspirational posts. I’m not a big “resolution” person, which kind of shows in how I fail to plan (and, as some would say, plan to fail). I like my goal-setting to come up as needed, but that doesn’t seem to work as well as I would like it. But it’s nice to see yours and to hear your progress.

    You do have me thinking of meditation, however. Not so much yoga since I’ve been to a few classes and haven’t found them to my liking. Perhaps it has something to do with the downward-facing dog not being even close to a resting position for me. It’s still more of a struggle to remain upright and conscious.

    Keep up the good work. Well, okay, here are my resolutions for 2011 (thank you for asking):
    – Exercise more. Get back into daily workouts, which implies waking up early enough to do it.
    – Get un-rusty on my writing, which implies creating a blog. However, I would want it to be semi-anonymous since I’d still like to be able to still find work since my viewpoints can turn out to be a little off the wall sometimes (how they let me teach Sunday School to impressionable youth is beyond me).
    – (stretch) Get hot enough on a skill or two so that I can consult instead of being a software whore.

    That’ll do for now.


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