10 (Different) Reasons to Exercise


Two weeks into January and I’m feeling good, naturally.  It’s no surprise that I’m feeling stronger and fitter, have more energy, or that I’m sleeping better.  But, I’ve also noticed my skin looks the best it’s looked in a long time, and I figured that it has to be related to my super sweaty hot yoga workouts.  This is a very welcome, but slightly unexpected benefit for me.  It led me to do a little research on the lesser-known benefits to exercise.  (Insert David Letterman’s Top 10 list drum roll…)

  • Having a regular exercise program helps us acclimate to hot or cold temperatures more efficiently.
  • Exercise increases work productivity and performance (even more reason to find the time in our busy schedules).
  • People who work out have a decreased risk for dementia (and of course cancer, diabetes, and stroke).
  • Working out helps regulate blood sugar.
  • Exercise improves sexual function and libido.
  • Exercise helps decrease our appetite and aid in digestion.
  • Short-term memory and decision-making skills improve with regular exercise.
  • Regular exercise can replace antidepressants, hormone therapy (for postmenopausal women) as well as decrease side effects of other medications.
  • Exercise stimulates the new brain cell formulation and increases the connections between brain cells.
  • Finally, a new benefit to working out is the “me time” I have if I go to a gym or yoga class.  It feels so indulgent to be on a treadmill, reading a magazine, focusing solely on me.  Can’t wait until my next escape workout!

(Thank you to WebMD, eMedExpert, and GymAddiction for this information.)


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