What Keeps You Motivated? Take Two.


It’s time for my typical confession at the end of the month- I’ve missed a two days of exercise in the this month.  Can I use the excuse that my daughter was sick for almost a week?   The truth is, it’s hard to stay motivated- even if I have a blog that helps to keep me accountable.   This month has been successful in getting back on track.  Tonight I actually requested that my husband feel my abs (…and he seemed quite underwhelmed by my stronger core- thanks, hon!).  This resolution is naturally one I’d like to continue, preferably for my entire lifetime.  I thought I would take a moment to gather some strategies for keeping motivated about fitness:

  • Keeping a schedule and sticking with it.
  • Good music- I recently discovered a podcast called Motion Traxx, which has premixed workout music.  Writing this post though has just inspired me to make up my own playlist.  Any can’t-help-but-move-my-booty music suggestions?
  • Having a workout buddy.  Making workout dates (instead of going out to eat dates!).
  • New workout clothes
  • Keeping it fun.
  • Oh, yes- and the satisfaction of knowing I’m doing the healthy thing.

What keeps you moving?


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