Spring Cleaning in February!


I am so happy that three people an overwhelming majority of you voted for spring cleaning as February’s resolution!

I’m making a list of all the areas I’d like to tackle.  I’d love to hear if you’re playing along this month too!


4 responses »

  1. Ha! You’re the queen of marked out words for comic effect! I’ll play along. I’d like to deep clean the whole house, paint the floors and clean out the shed, but I think I’ll stick with the deep clean: do one room per weekend. Maybe, start with kitchen, then bathroom, then studio, then living room, then bedroom. Hope there are 5 weekends in Feb. Then, paint in march and shed in April! Thanks, I needed to state that to someone!

  2. Count me in, except for the fact that I will be on your turf half of February. Can you just inspire me and I can carry on in March? Oh, wait, I may be back in Austin then too! I will just clean vicariously……

  3. I’ll try to play along. I’ve been needing some inspiration to finally get my office organized and cleaned out. I DID go through and recycle a bunch of stuff from grad school, but I still have to go through the boxes of junk (I mean “materials”) I brought home from my school job and haven’t opened since (almost 2 years ago, already!?)

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