February Re-cap & March-ing Forward


Yahoo for February and my slightly-less-cluttered-and-more-organized home!

Areas Conquered:

My closet

Office, kind of

Cabinets of 2 Bathrooms

Areas Yet to be De-cluttered:

My Computer’s photos/videos
D’s bedroom closet

Not bad though- I’m really happy with how much I did tackle, considering how busy this month was. I know some of you were playing along in February, how’d you do?

Sometimes I need help deciding the next month’s resolution and some months I know exactly what I need to do.  This month I knew that I had to deal with the nagging feeling that I experience every single day…the “What’s for dinner?” decision.  My goal is to get some easy, healthy dinner ideas and organize them into *something* so that I don’t agonize daily about what our family is going to eat.   I am absolutely looking for suggestions: easy meals that you like, as well as strategies for planning and cooking.  Anyone?  Anyone?

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  1. I need to do that exact thing. As a single, I don’t agonize; I just eat out way too often! My current idea is to read over my Moosewood cookbooks and plan out a few recipes, buy the groceries, cook and freeze some things. And just see how that goes. Those recipes are easy and delicious. FYI they have some fish dishes, though everything else is vegetarian. Yummy!

  2. Um… Is February already over? Yikes! Is it ok if I forward my resolve to do some cleaning and organizing on to March? I DID do a ton of yard work already this month. So, that’s good.

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