My First Big Girl Poem


How lucky that I received an email (from Oprah’s Book Club) that includes: “20 Books Of Poetry Everyone Should Own,” “12 Ways To Write A Poem,” and “Poetry that Will Get You Through A Hard Time.” Why, thank you, OBC, blogging writer’s block avoided this month!
I realized that I might run into a bit of a problem printing others’ poems without their permission, so I’m going to bravely jump into (publicly- eek!) writing poems.

Here’s idea #1:
Make a list of 5 things you did today, in the order that you did them.

Um, okay…here it goes!

april 3rd

crumbly blueberry muffin breakfast

st. martin’s senior high youth

open houses, filled with dreaming and decisions

date afternoon

giggling time together


Voila! I’m a poet!
Would anyone else like to share their poem (Idea #1 or otherwise) below? I honestly would love to read it (and I know others would too).


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  1. What a great idea & fun poem! A while back when I was inspired to write some poetry I felt I needed a little direction. My sis, Donna, who is a wonderful (maybe even award-winning & definitely published in her college literary magazine) poet, gave me a great list of resources from which I remember two: NINE GATES: ENTERING THE MIND OF POETRY, essays by poet Jane Hirshfield and THE POET’S COMPANION: A GUIDE TO THE PLEASURES OF WRITING POETRY by Kim Addonizio & Dorianne Laux. You may borrow these and any others on the shelf.

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