Poetry, May & My Mid-term Review


OOOOPS!  I just discovered this post in my drafts.  Uh, by the way, I took May off…


I had started about eight posts, mostly more poetry writing prompts, that I was planning to write, but it didn’t happen this month.  I’m really excited to continue to learn about poetry- I think it will be a lifelong process I’ll enjoy.  Before the month ends, I must mention the emails I receive from American Life in Poetry, which feature one poem each week.  Head to their website to sign-up!

I’m still recovering from Michael leaving The Office this week- and the month of May is turning out to be an intense month for me:

1) The Oprah Winfrey Show is ending.   I’ve been dreading this for years.  Years.

2) We are moving out of our very first home.  Since we’ve lived in this house, we’ve raised our Great Dane (Angus), gotten engaged, left jobs, started businesses, married, raised our lab (Dudley), become pregnant, raised our daughter and learned about our latest addition to our family.

3) Yes, as hinted above- there are crazy pregnancy hormones to handle now too.  We also will most likely be finding out our baby’s gender in May- will we have 2 girls or a girl and a boy?  Exciting!

4) We’re moving into a new house and have remodeling tasks out the wazoo!

For many students, May is the month of finals so I’m thinking of it as a resolution “mid-term review” of sorts for myself, as I’m hoping to utilize many of the lessons I’ve learned about while blogging about my resolutions.  My May Resolution is about staying in the moment, using meditation, dancing, laughing, or whatever tools I have.  I’m taking the month off for blogging- have an awesome May and hopefully, I’ll make it through to June! Breathe, breathe, breathe.


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