A Friendly June, A Verbose July


Ah! June was a lovely month spent with many friends. I look forward to connecting with more friends in our new house; in fact, we are entertaining tonight!

Is it strange to daydream about blogging? I’ve been longing to spend time writing, as I have spent very, very little time writing in the last few months. It became obvious to me that July absolutely must be spent journaling, blogging, and working on kid lit. stuff (my favorite!).

Anyone want to take the July writing challenge with me? (Oh, how I love it when you play along! [no pressure!])


3 responses »

  1. Yes, me too! Didn’t mean to, but took June off from writing to some extent. Ready to roll. What’s the challenge? PS-I have a writers group member to tell you about.

  2. You know what? Some days I should have had that 15 minute goal. My goal is to write every day of the year. I went along pretty well for the first 5 months. I need to get back on track. Think I’ll say at least an hour every day. Thanks for the challenge.

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