Being a Writer


What is a “writer?” I’ve had this conversation with several of my friends, who are writers. I enjoy expressing myself through blogging, writing children’s books, and through words in general (yes, I’m a talker!).  When I’m working on a children’s book, I don’t think of myself as writer, but instead as a storyteller or creator.  Can a writer be someone who dreaded every single paper ever assigned during her school years?  I’m sure if you talked to any of my former teachers, they would agree that I am not a writer!

I remember reading (perhaps in Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind?) that if you ask a group of young children if they consider themselves to be artists, everyone raises their hand; however, if you ask the same question to a group of older children, only a few will raise their hand.  With that mind, today I will embrace the artist and writer in me.

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