Indulge in August


Thank you for the suggestions- I honestly considered each one (and added them to my list of future resolution possibilities), but today it became obvious to me that this month should be a month of enjoyment and indulging.
As a pregnant lady, there are so many shoulds and should-nots governing my world that I think a shift in attitude about all the things I’m enjoying would be welcome. So I started tonight by indulging in not one, but two scrumptious cupcakes at my favorite 3 year old’s birthday party, followed by an incredible prenatal massage by my massage therapist/friend, Kelly Ann.

I’d really like this month to be about reveling in all that I can (vs. complaining about the heat, how uncomfortable that I am, etc.) and not so much about indulgent expenditures and calorie-ridden treats.  Hope that each and every one of you are enjoying la dolce vita, this month and always!

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  1. LOVE this month’s resolution-so very deserved, and so happy you started it off well! Keep indulging in whatever way suits you best each day of this month (and truthfully every day). Thank you for being such an important, all day long part of Corinne’s birthday celebration. If I couldn’t be with her all day–you my best friend are the next best thing!

  2. I also love this month’s resolution. Having heartily enjoyed a left-over cupcake myself this evening, I can get on board! There is such joy in indulging in the small things that make you happy and allowing yourself to do so without guilt.

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