More Indulgences


I spent the rest of this month trying to remember to enjoy the moment and indulge, including:
seeing The Help in a movie theater (a rarity these days)
the longest, squeeziest hug my toddler could give
more birthday cupcakes
the final episodes of the Oprah show (I’m just a little late to the party…)
a incredible dinner at Foreign & Domestic (sit at the kitchen counter!)
sweet baby kicks, and not-so subtle movements
Harry Potter audiobooks
my daughter’s growing sense of humor
foot rubs by my husband
Scrabble games
Sonic cheesy tots and limeades
good news from friends
the smell of rain, a few moments of sprinkles
a pedicure at Embellish
moments outside in the heat

Yes, I probably need to explain that last one. While there are so many moments that I feel as if I will literally melt (112 degrees, ridiculous!), I’ve tried to actually enjoy that cozy, enveloping feeling that only the summer heat can bring.

I’m so thrilled to announce that my friend, Lexie (and blogger at the fantastic Design & the City), will be taking over this blog for the month of September. Please give her a warm (albeit silent!) welcome as she encourages us to spend daily time on self reflection. Take it away, Lexie!


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