Guest Post: Reflecting on Reflection


by Lexie

This month as I dedicated time to self-reflect, I felt much more in tune with my soul, just as I hoped. It has been very rewarding and something I seek to continue on. I find myself paying special attention to how certain situations and actions make me feel, recognize what all I’m blessed with, what I am seeking more of, and goals on how to get there.

I especially love the topic to ponder, what is my gift to give to this world? In the self-discovery workshop I attended, Jane spoke about with every gift you must also recognize there comes a challenge. A friend of mine recently told me she felt I was gifted in friendships. What a great compliment! However, setting boundaries and saying ‘no’ (without guilt!) is a challenge I have been facing for some time, especially recently as my focus has shifted to myself and family. Finding a healthy balance sure is hard, isn’t it?

Thank you for letting me share this experience with you! I hope you can find time for yourself amidst the daily obligations and distractions that surround us all.

*Update on my lab, Niko: the vet called today to report there was no bacteria/infection shown on the blood culture so we are unsure (still) of the cause of his swollen lymph nodes. Niko is getting lots of special attention these days with walks, canned food, and kisses. Thanks for the comments and love!


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