Counting My Blessings


The first week of this month’s resolution (of not counting things) has been successful!  Sometimes the right resolution finds me and really impacts me- this month is one of those months.  Considering all that we have going on, I think I’ve been relatively relaxed amidst the chaos.

Here’s what I’ve been relatively good at letting go of and not counting:

  • how much time left before “Hermano” is full-term/arrives
  • how much time before our wood flooring will be done, at the earliest
  • how many time before our kitchen will be finished, at the earliest
  • how much our plumbing problem will cost/how much time it will set us back on our remodeling
  • how much TV my daughter watched
  • how much sleep I didn’t get, because of how many times I got up to go to the bathroom
  • how much our energy bill be
  • how much our credit card bill will be
  • how many to do items to be ready for “Hermano”

Here’s what counts:

  • I have a home.  I’m still thinking of those who recently lost their home in the area fires.
  • I have 1 dear husband, 2 sweet dogs, 1 healthy child, and a healthy pregnancy.


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