But Who’s Counting?


First of all, I have to bring you some sad news. My friend/October guest blogger, Lexie, had to say goodbye to her sweet dog, Niko, this month. Thinking of you, Lexie, and wishing you peace with your sad loss.

This month has been a challenge, but I really am grateful to this month’s resolution of not counting (the unimportant things) to keep life in perspective. One thing is for sure, I think this is a record low for blog posts during the month! (But who’s counting?)

This next month brings a new baby (Eek! I think we’re ready!) and with him, sleep deprivation. It seems obvious that the only goal I should have this upcoming month is to sleep as much as possible.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t get enough sleep- anyone else need to snooze away November with me?

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  1. Thanks, Kari. We are hanging in there.
    Been thinking about you as your due date approaches; I think November is a fine month to (try to) sleep as much as possible!

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