I can’t believe I’m going to write a post completely about bacon. I have honestly thought our culture’s recent obsession with bacon is silly, and in my opinion, unwarranted. I’ve never really been that into bacon, until my pregnancies. Until now, I don’t think I realized how much bacon I really enjoyed during each of my pregnancies. So, I’ll say it loud and proud, I miss BACON!

If I could, I would go to Manny Hattan’s and get their B.L.T. Or perhaps to Bacon (the restaurant).  Mmmm….

Do you think all of this bacon talk is nonsense?

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  1. Hahaha! I guess I’ve missed the bacon talk. And the bacon. I haven’t eaten it since 1984! But, it holds a special place in my nose. Whenever I smell it, I remember my dad cooking on a Coleman stove in various campsites around Texas. Those are yummy memories. Enjoy your bacon!

  2. Here! Here! (Or should it be hear! Hear!?! I have no idea). A post dedicated all to bacon is a wonderful thing. In my household growing up we had the “bacon war” as dubbed by my brother-in-law after he would watch us politely offer him the last piece of bacon and then argue with each other who was going to get it if he refused. I really love bacon. I will kindly volunteer to eat more this month while you take a break from the delectable dish…

  3. I know a vegetarian friend who stays the course… except for bacon. She will just not give up bacon. I tried calling her on it, and she told me to bugger off.

    I think that the whole bacon thing is of the moment, and is slightly amusing on top of everything since it’s blatantly unhealthy, yet part of the mythos of American meals.

    Do I crave it? Not usually, and we don’t have it around the house. However, when we make our Saturday 1.5 mile walk to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant for breakfast, I always get a side order.

    I can quit it anytime I want… I just need to want to quit.


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