Lean In!


Being a vegetarian doesn’t have to be a full-time gig. Kathy Freston, an author/vegan (=one who eats no animal products), shares the idea of “leaning into” vegetarian eating in her book “Healthy Living, Conscious Eating.”  She suggests making whatever modifications that you’re comfortable with, instead of being absolute about cutting out food that you love (i.e. Meatless Mondays, etc.).

I love this very short, but very convincing TED talk from Graham Hill who is a “weekday vegetarian” and founder of Treehugger.com.  Perhaps you’ve heard of (or are?) a flexitarian, someone who is mostly vegetarian but eats meat occasionally.  Click here if  you’re curious about other types of vegetarians.

The interesting question to me is though, why do we put so much value on labeling the way we eat when it comes to meat/animals?  Does it really matter?

Recently, I watched the documentary “Forks Over Knives” (available on Netflix) and was renewed in my desire to be a life-long vegetarian (or flexitarian, or vegan, or whatever…).  I’ve enjoyed eating meat the last few years but it got me fired up again and I had to ask myself the following questions:

  • Do I want to be healthier? (Yes!)
  • Do I love animals and feel that they should be raised (and possibly eaten) in a humane way? (Yes!)
  • Do I care about the environment? (Yes!)
  • Do I dream about ending world hunger? (Yes!)

Thanks for reading this month and keeping me inspired.


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