Simple Truths #2


I finished Simple Truths last week.  It really is a book I’d like to re-read every few years.  This quote in the “On Loneliness and Solitude” chapter stood out to me:

“We can easily fill our days with activity.  We buy, we sell, we move from place to place.  There is always more to be done, always a way to keep from staring into the still pool where life is more than the chatter of the small affairs of the mind.  If we are not careful, we begin to mistake this activity for meaning.  We turn our lives into a series of tasks that can occupy all the hours of the clock and still leave us breathless with our sense of work left undone.  And always there is work undone.  We will die with work undone.  The labors of life are endless.  Better that you should accept the rhythms of life and know that here are times when you need to stop to draw a breath, no matter how great the labors are before you.”

It was actually this quote that gave me permission to cut myself some slack and not worry about getting this post written before the end of March. (Published on April 4th! Crazy!)

This blog challenges me to give my life more meaning.  Lately, I’ve been trying to deepen my meditation practice.  My darling husband started reading “8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind.  Change Your Life” and so I picked it up too (more about this book later).  While I’m not new to meditation, I still absolutely consider myself a beginner.   I’ve started trying to apply my meditation practice to eating and so this month’s resolution will be “mindful eating.”

P.S.  I apologize for any grammatical errors or non sequitur content.  I’m one tired mama today.  🙂


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