How Sweet It Is(n’t)!


The time has come. I’ve alluded to my sugar addiction for months now. I really think using the word addiction is only a slight exaggeration.  I LOVE SUGAR!  Most of the time, I pick my resolution by reflecting on what I need in my life to be happiest and fulfilled. This time, I couldn’t escape the signs the universe continued to send my way.  A friend of mine pinned a sugar detox diet (it looked too intense for me).  My daughter served me pretend ice cream, chocolate, donuts and a cup containing “soup, marshmallows and syrup.”  I wondered if we watch Elf too much over the holidays or is my sugar addiction influencing my daughter’s world of food?
Then, I read an article in the January 2013 issue of O magazine about the truth about sugar. This quote from Dr. Robert Lustig was especially interesting to me:  “We’re biologically programmed to like sweets- our tongues and brains know that no food on the planet is both sweet and poisonous.  It was a test for our hunting-and-gathering ancestors:  If food is sweet, it won’t kill you.  It’s ironic because that’s exactly what sugar is doing to us now.” Listen to this mind-blowing statistic, “In 1822 Americans consumed the amount of added sugar in one 12-ounce can of soda every five days.  Today we consume that amount every ten hours.”  Yikes.
So, my sweet friends, I will be laying off the sugar this month. This entails:

  • no desserts
  • no sugary drinks
  • paying attention to hidden sugar
  • limit juice
  • fruit in moderation

My no-sugar eating plan starts tomorrow!

*confession: wrote this blog post while drinking a Central Market Blood Orange Italian Soda: 28g of sugar


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  1. I’ve done the no-sugar thing before–it’s rough for the first few days (you’ll be grumpy), but after a bit you’ll feel so much better. Good luck 🙂

  2. I have a weakness for sugar too. Maybe you can inspire me to cut back as well!

    My NY resolution is to do everything in good moderation … be healthy and balanced, inside and out.
    Specifically more yoga and journaling; get a bike to explore the trails by our new house.

    Happy New Year, Kari!

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