So long, December! Farewell, 2012!


I’ll be honest, my resolution for December did not fulfill my need for spiritual connection like I had hoped.  I didn’t even get to church on Christmas Eve (different nap schedules, teething- it wasn’t going to happen).   I realized that this month’s resolution was very subjective and vague.  As a speech pathologist, I always write goals for my clients that are measurable and I think I’d be more successful with my resolution achievements if I did the same here. Lesson learned!

Can you believe that this begins this blog’s FOURTH year? I get such a kick out of my annual blog summary from WordPress and I won’t bore you all with the details that only excite me but how cool is it that visitors from 43 (!) different countries have read this blog?

Here are the awards for this year’s resolutions:
most fun: knit graffitti
most awesome guest blogger for 2012:  Dr. Marianne Stout

most awesome guest blogger for 2011 (because I had a newborn baby last year and didn’t do an annual summary): Lexie Anderson

most surprising end-of-month blog results:  apple cider vinegar

Once again, thank you for continuing to read, participate and encourage me to keep going.  Cheers!  Here’s to 2013!

It annoys me when blogs end with an insincere/irrelevant question to prompt readers to comment, but I honestly want to know,  what are your hopes and resolutions for 2013?



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  1. I hope for balance and integration (not measurable!). Do yoga, eat right, write and draw every day possible (a little more measurable). I’m going with the flow on purpose, so I’m actively not resolving to do measurable stuff for a while. Happy New Year!

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