Just Say No


I’ve been getting allergy shots for over a decade and rewarding myself with a piece of candy each time for being such a big girl. Here’s what I said “no” to yesterday:


Today my husband kindly picked up cinnamon rolls from Upper Crust bakery. I could easily turn down any other cinnamon roll but these are absolutely scrumptious- warm, perfectly seasoned with cinnamon and sugar. Don’t worry, I resisted these as well- so far, anyways. There’s still some sitting on our counter.

I felt pretty grumpy yesterday and a little cranky today but I thought it especially ironic that I discovered a corn syrup spill in our drawer of baking ingredients.  Of course, it was a PITA to clean up (thanks, Mom!) and I couldn’t help but think about how it might be processed in our bodies.  But it makes things taste so good!



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