Daring Greatly Part 2


(Just pretend I published this post two months ago also, ok?)

A few months ago, I watched the movie We Bought A Zoo and I loved Matt Damon’s line “just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”  I think that’s absolutely true and I kept thinking of it while reading Daring Greatly.  (It’s a sweet, feel-good movie too.)

In January, I had the coolest thing happen. My favorite band, Guster, had a concert in this little church and they were taking requests. I was feeling uncharacteristically bold (I just needed to be brave for 20 seconds, right?) and so I stood up and shot my hand in the air.  They called on me and I requested my all-time favorite song, Window (my ringtone for years…). Their response? They had prearranged that the person who requested that particular song would be serenaded. Here’s the result caught on camera– it was intimate, incredible and taught me that it pays to be brave.

Ways That I Was Daring Greatly In April:
1. I flew to Chicago. There were great rewards (friends, relaxation, uninterrupted sleep, shopping!) ahead of me and it was a fantastic weekend but I hate flying.
2. I spotted Neil Patrick Harris at the airport and was about to just watch him, awkwardly, when I decided to dare greatly. I subtly walked up to him and told him I thought he was wonderful and asked for a side hug (to which he replied “Side hugs are the best!”).
3. I did the “metal” class at my current yoga studio- I had heard it was one of the most challenging class they offered. I tried it, I sweated my arse off, I survived! I’ll go again!
4. I participated in the Diva Dash, a 5k run with obstacles. Most of it was just plain fun but some of the obstacles (especially the ones involving heights or balance) were really challenging.


5. I tried Anti-Gravity Yoga (twice!). It was fun, relaxing, tough, and a little scary. It’s awesome to come out of a class feeling relaxed and powerful. My favorite daring poses were the vampire (pictured below; here’s a video link in German too), star (hanging upside down with fabric just around your tush, arms and legs outstretched) and swoosh (flying through the air, just supported at your hips.  It was less yoga to me, more pilates or gymnastics.  Hanging upside down is a strange balance of relaxation and panic.  Funny thing, I met another blogger, Terri. Check out her great post about anti-gravity yoga!


6. I colored my hair blue. It’s just a little section and one would probably never notice unless I point it out, but it is blue. Next time, I will be even bolder.
7. The above, I now realize, are all in the physical realm, which as a fairly sensitive, fearful, uncoordinated person is challenging. It’s tough to dare greatly emotionally or verbally too. As trite as it sounds, there were several gatherings that I’ve been to with old or new friends that I’ve felt even more inspired to be me. Unapologetically me. That’s still challenging, I’m a people pleaser (which sometimes feels like the real me, and other times feels less authentic.)

Thanks for supporting me in my journey.  I hope we can all be brave, even for just 20 seconds, daring greatly in every aspect of our lives.

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  1. i’m a huge fan of guster too!!! the lead singer went to my high school (although he was 8 or so years before me). you had a big april! sounds like so much fun!

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