So, yes, I’ve been wanting to update my blog, but I didn’t expect for WordPress (or my Mac, or my children on the iPad?) to update it for me!  I apologize for the last post that might have appeared a bit cryptic.  Or perhaps I was sleep-blogging last night?

I’m still skimming the Engine 2 Diet book but I saw this quote from Jeff Novick, MS, RD and thought this might be a better summary than something I could create:
“Just to clarify… the term “plant-based” diet is not necessarily a diet that is 100% free of animal products but a diet where the majority of the calories in it comes from plants. If it is 100% plants, which many of us follow &/or recommend, then it might be called a plant exclusive, pure plant, pure vegetarian, vegan, etc., diet. In addition, when we are discussing the diets recommended by Dr Esselstyn, Dr McDougall, Dr Goldhamer, myself, etc., etc., which have been documented to reverse, CVD, HTN, DB, Met Synd, etc., it is also a diet that is lower in fat & also low in, or free of, added SOS (Salt/sodium, Oil/fat & Sugar/sweeteners).”  (I’m following Jeff Novick on Facebook- great information, BTW.)

We made these Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadillas twice and even my picky four year old ate them!   I also enjoyed my own breakfast steel oats creation (morning grain blend and blueberries).  I also made a rustic vegetable soup.  I thought it was delicious but my family was so-so on it.   If anyone wants the recipe to add to their “Yucky Family Recipe Cookbook.”  I’m happy to share it! Ha!

I have really been wanting to dive into some more creative projects and thought I’d start the book The Artist’s Way.  It’s not the right time for it though; I need to really devote myself to this.  Instead, (and I’m pretty excited about this…) I’m going to spend the rest of the month doodling every day.  I could tell you why I want to doodle every day as this month’s resolution or you could watch this awesome 6 minute Ted Talk.

Gosh, just saying the word “doodle” out loud is a treat.  Did you giggle a little bit?  (You’re welcome.)


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