November & December


Oh, friends.  I’ve been composing these really beautiful blog posts in my head about my body/body awareness/body image/self confidence/my daughter/my son/loving myself/mom pressures/my daughter’s school unit “My Body Is Amazing”/admiring other women/Princess Kate/princess culture/everything and truthfully, I know it’s just not going to happen at the quality I’d like it to be.  After four years of reading my blog, you’re probably not surprised!

November (month of eating and feasting) + resolution to appreciate body = interesting

The first week of November I would catch myself daily/hourly/constantly saying the cruelest things to my body. But what to do? I decided that like any relationship with anything, I needed to put in the time changing the dialogue.  So, every day (usually when I’m getting dressed), I started telling my body wonderful things.  Has it erased years (decades…) of poor self-talk? No, of course not but a step in the right direction.

I went to this wonderful parenting talk with Carrie Contey in November and one of the take-aways was “what you appreciate, appreciates.”  Naturally, this related to my body-love resolution and it relates to my December resolution.  I’ve been taking her holiday challenge.  It’s been great in re-focusing me, giving me designated ways to connect to myself and my family during this holiday time.

Wishing you the best this holiday season, friends.  Love to you and your amazing bodies!


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