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June & July…& August!


Oh, where has this summer gone?

I enjoyed the 5 Tibetan Rites but they didn’t replace my favorite way to greet the day: sun salutations. It did inspire me to create my own routine of 5 favorite bedtime poses: bow, pigeon, reclining twist, shoulderstand, and savasana.
My intention for July was to read every day for at least a half hour. I savored some summer reading time for the first half of the month.  Then, I downloaded the Candy Crush app. The rest of July was spent battling my “addiction” but also doing a little bit of reading.
I’ve been wanting to learn more about the Engine 2/plant-based way of eating.  I’m not ready to fully commit (even though I know it would be so good for me!) but I’m planning to eat one meal each week that’s based on the Engine 2 plan.  If you all have any resources or recipes to share, please do so!

Hope you all are enjoying the summer, doing whatever makes you feel happy.

May Meditations & June Tibetan Rites


I hope you all had a chance to check out Deva Premal and Miten’s meditations. I really enjoyed listening to the beautiful chants and hearing information about what the words meant. I did find my “monkey mind” distracted by thoughts of what Deva and Miten’s relationship must be like. Do they argue? If so, what would they argue about? I’m sure they’re normal people but they seem to be operating in a much more spiritual realm than any couple I know.

I’m excited about my June resolution. I’m going to do the 5 Tibetan Rites each day. If you’re curious or want to join me, you can watch Dr. Oz demonstrate them. I’m going to start with five of each exercise this first week and add five each week. Namaste!