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Photos & My Amazing Body


(Did anyone think that there would be photos of my body based on my title? Just feeling a little silly this morning…)

It sounded like a strange resolution, perhaps even vain, but I’m so happy that I took more photos of myself this month. I should have mentioned that I was inspired by this post and another post (that I can’t locate) about a daughter’s unsuccessful search for a photo of her late mother to display at the funeral.  My own mother shared a story about her grandmother who would lean out of every photo taken of her.  Unfortunately, she was still captured in the frame and thus, there are numerous photos of her awkwardly leaning sideways.

This won’t be my story.  I won’t pretend that I don’t take advantage of the delete function on my camera when a photo is unflattering but I’m more comfortable than ever with the images of me: fancy or without make-up, just-the-right-weight or a bit puffy, tired or energized.  It’s me, enjoying all of the blessings of my life.


This month, I’m going to continue this long, long journey of self-acceptance.  I love how an increasing amount of people embrace a practice of gratitude during November and my expression of gratitude this month will focus on my body.  Our bodies deserve a bit of recognition, yes?

Finally, I can’t mention gratitude without sending it back to you.  I appreciate you each taking the time to read what I write.  It fills my heart more than you’ll ever know.