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Simple Truth #1


I finally started reading Simple Truths.  It’s one of those lovely books to give to a graduate, or one of those books to re-read every few years. The author has such a wise way of simplifying the BIG issues in life (work, education, love, etc.) without sounding preach-y. It’s a quick read but I feel as if I just had lunch with one of my life mentors.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the travel section:
“When I am old, and my body has begun to fail me, my memories will be waiting for me. They will lift me and carry me over mountains and oceans. I will hold them and turn them and watch them catch the sunlight as they come alive once more in my imagination. I will be rich and I will be at peace.
I want you to have that peace, too.”

Of course, I’d love to hear what resonates with you if you’re reading/read this book.


Simple Truths


A friend of Ned’s recommended the book Simple Truths for him to read and when it arrived from Amazon, I realized it was our second copy. We’re not sure where the first copy came from but I thought it sounded like the perfect opportunity for our first blog book club. If you’re interested in joining me, pick up a copy of this 111 page book and read along! Happy March!