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There was an old Oprah show that talked about closet organization tips.  I wasn’t able to find an online resource from this show but if my memory serves me (…and these days that’s a rarity!), the clothing item needs a ‘yes’ answer to all of these questions:

  • Do I LOVE it?
  • Is it the look I want?
  • Is it flattering?

It’s funny how many don’t pass the very first question. I’m trying to be tough but there are still many items in my closet that are just a “like,” definitely not love.  Going forward, I will try to only buy clothing that I LOVE and continue to purge the mediocre pieces.  I’m giving myself a 97% grade on completion this month.

Thanks for keeping me accountable.  See you in August- fun things ahead!

Summer Cleaning!


This month I probably won’t have much to write about, but I must, must, must publicly declare a war on my closet. It’s time to say goodbye to my maternity and frumpy post-partum clothes. And if I can “out with old,” I’m going to reward myself with some “in with the new!” Online shopping- hey-O!