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The Anti-Anxiety Diet


I’m not sure if it’s the frantic business of being a mom of 2, my post-partum hormones, my lack of sleep, my sometimes horrendous diet (fast food is sometimes the only option…) or my sugar addiction (or all of the above?), but I’ve been feeling anxious lately. I experienced terrible anxiety attacks in college and I will do everything I need to avoid going back to that dark place.

So, my resolution this month is to put myself on a diet, an anti-anxiety diet:

  • reduce sugar intake
  • reduce processed foods
  • reduce caffeine and alcohol
  • exercise regularly
  • daily meditation/checking-in spiritually
  • adequate sleep
  • giving myself space and boundaries (i.e. saying no, being easier on myself, etc.)

Am I missing anything?  What do you do to keep yourself balanced?

What Keeps You Motivated? Take Two.


It’s time for my typical confession at the end of the month- I’ve missed a two days of exercise in the this month.  Can I use the excuse that my daughter was sick for almost a week?   The truth is, it’s hard to stay motivated- even if I have a blog that helps to keep me accountable.   This month has been successful in getting back on track.  Tonight I actually requested that my husband feel my abs (…and he seemed quite underwhelmed by my stronger core- thanks, hon!).  This resolution is naturally one I’d like to continue, preferably for my entire lifetime.  I thought I would take a moment to gather some strategies for keeping motivated about fitness:

  • Keeping a schedule and sticking with it.
  • Good music- I recently discovered a podcast called Motion Traxx, which has premixed workout music.  Writing this post though has just inspired me to make up my own playlist.  Any can’t-help-but-move-my-booty music suggestions?
  • Having a workout buddy.  Making workout dates (instead of going out to eat dates!).
  • New workout clothes
  • Keeping it fun.
  • Oh, yes- and the satisfaction of knowing I’m doing the healthy thing.

What keeps you moving?

What Keeps Us Keepin’ On?


Have you noticed all of the commercials that are trying to sell something based on New Year’s Resolutions (gym memberships, food, even plastic surgery)?  I have been reflecting a lot on what makes us keep, or more often break, our resolutions.  Studies estimate that 40-45% of Americans make resolutions, but only 12% achieve their goals.   It’s not all that surprising to me- before 2010, I made at least 10 resolutions each year and always abandoned them within a short time.  Last year was different though; focusing on one resolution worked for me.

Here are the top 5 reasons why these resolutions are sticking for me:

1.  One month is long enough to make something a habit and establish a routine.

2. At the end of each month, I think about what resolution I’d like to pick for the next month.  I love the idea of having 12 official days a year for self-reflection for creating the life I want to lead.

3.  In the past, I’ve been overly ambitious with too many goals.  Having one single focus each month is more manageable for me.

4.  It has been really easy to get myself to workout for these past eight days, in large part due to the accountability I have by keeping a blog (thank you!).

5.  Fun!  I’ve had the most success with keeping my resolution when- shock!- it’s been enjoyable.

For years, I reveled in the post-Christmas opportunity of making my list of New Year’s Resolutions, revising it over and over- and of course, attempting to achieve my goals.  It’s a bit amusing to me to think that I am most likely finished with New Years’ Resolutions in the traditional sense.

Auld Lang Syne,  New Year’s Resolutions!

Me & Dr. Oz


Having a blast working out this week! It’s actually been the perfect opportunity to use two of my Groupons: one for Anytime Fitness gym and one for Sunstone Yoga. I took a class at Sunstone Yoga class today and it felt so good to get sweaty. And be focused on myself, not a little toddler running around.
I’m pretty sure Dr. Oz is one of my blog readers (feel free to leave a comment below, Mehmet!) because I heard him mention a “resolution revolution” while introducing his new “Move it & Lose it” plan on his show this week.   Here’s a link to Dr. Oz sharing ideas to keep us healthy in the new year.  Although I haven’t signed up, it sounds very comprehensive including a health assessment, food logger, goals and customized workout.  Best of all, it’s free!

Exercising in January


Happy 2011!

To quote one of my favorite movies, “Is there sugar in syrup?  Then, yes!”  Cookies, caramel corn, yule log, peppermint ice cream, Bogey’s shakes, Freddy’s frozen custard, saltine toffee, chocolate- December was filled with lots of yummy food.  And I have the belly (and pants that don’t fit) to prove it.  So, this month I will be taking on the very popular New Year’s Resolution of getting fit.

Would anyone like to play along with me this month?  Or share their own resolution(s)?