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Please enjoy this TED talk


This video really got me thinking about why we enjoy what we do.


Do I enjoy Swedish Fish because they’re sugary sweet? Or because I connect with their Scandinavian origin? 😉

Indulge in August


Thank you for the suggestions- I honestly considered each one (and added them to my list of future resolution possibilities), but today it became obvious to me that this month should be a month of enjoyment and indulging.
As a pregnant lady, there are so many shoulds and should-nots governing my world that I think a shift in attitude about all the things I’m enjoying would be welcome. So I started tonight by indulging in not one, but two scrumptious cupcakes at my favorite 3 year old’s birthday party, followed by an incredible prenatal massage by my massage therapist/friend, Kelly Ann.

I’d really like this month to be about reveling in all that I can (vs. complaining about the heat, how uncomfortable that I am, etc.) and not so much about indulgent expenditures and calorie-ridden treats.  Hope that each and every one of you are enjoying la dolce vita, this month and always!