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The Edge of Fear and Love


On my journey of anxiety to wellness, I learned something really valuable.  The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s fear.  So, much of my treatment involved replacing my fear with love- whether it was comforting myself, valuing self-care, doing yoga or just connecting with and finding inspiration in the mystical and magic around me.

Another lesson I learned was that you can’t be brave without feeling a little bit of fear.  I started embracing a comfortable amount of fear.  At first, that was walking out the front door or getting within 20 feet of an overlook (I had agoraphobia), but eventually I worked through all that challenged me in my daily life.

One thing that still makes me fearful:  heights. This might be why I’m so mesmerized by Philippe Petit, the brave soul who attached a high wire between the Twin Towers and walked across (illegally).  Not only is it a fascinating story, but Philippe is an incredibly inspiring person.  Here’s a TED talk by Philippe Petit.  He inspires me to metaphorically walk my own tight wire, live beyond my dreams, unhindered by any fears.

It feels good to be at the end of this month, with less anxiety than I had four weeks ago.  I hope I’ll continue to find more balance in my life: more love and less fear.  Just enough fear to make me feel brave.

P.S. If you haven’t seen the documentary Man On Wire, you must! If you liked that, I love the children’s book The Man Who Walked Across the Two Towers.  I also enjoyed Let the Great World Spin, a fictional book with Philippe Petit’s walk at the center of the plot.

February Love


When February rolled around, I spent some time thinking about what area in my life needed help.  As a new mom, it seemed every area in my life needed improvement (deep breath!).    But February brought up the idea of LOVE.   Obviously, my relationship with my husband definitely needed a boost so I decided, and he obliged, that we’d make an effort every day to connect, hug, kiss, and yes, (Mom, skip this part!) sometimes, that led to (GASP!) sex.

The other part of my February resolution was to love myself.  You can imagine the terrible things I’ve thought to myself about my body, my self-worth, the bags under my eyes, etc. etc.  I tried to replace those thoughts with compliments and appreciation.  And you know what?  It worked.

“I’m smart enough and good enough and doggone it, people like me.”