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Ferbering to Zerberting


So often I start a blog post and am interrupted and completely lose where I was going with it or it just doesn’t seem as relevant as it was when I started the post. The blog post that I had started several weeks ago was about how we had tried to Ferber my giant baby (GB) unsuccessfully. (He is one determined little guy!) When I decided to give-up (for now…) on any sort of sleep training, my GB slept through the night! That morning, I was so thrilled that I gave him big zerberts on his chubby tummy and while we were both laughing, I realized how funny it was to go from Ferbering to zerberting. Hence, my clever blog title! Thanks for indulging me- my blog content is soooo 3 weeks ago but I just had to use that blog title!

August wasn’t very sleep-filled but it was filled with perspective, as well as laughter. I always admire people like David Sedaris who can find the funny in anything, even cancer or death. That’s not usually me, it’s so much easier to give myself excuses to be cranky and irritated. It’s not cancer, but we did have a stomach bug buzz through our house. While it wasn’t funny watching our daughter vomit, it was sweetly funny when she couldn’t stop talking at 3 am and we were exhausted. Also gross and funny? My GB had a blow-out in the car (no stranger to us) and I realized I had taken my bag of extra clothes inside our house to be restocked. Not helpful when we needed back-up. So the GB had his first partially nude visit to Target (in a diaper and hat). We just had to laugh!

Speaking of my GB, he has a new skill: dancing. And my daughter is starting her very first dance class today. Does anyone remember what my very first resolution was? It was dancing and so this month, I’d like to enjoy a little dance remix resolution.

Here’s what I’ve been dancing to the first few days in September: perfect song to start this month off (Wow. Don’t you wish you could dance in those performance outfits?), the song that my husband and I forgot the steps to, and this morning’s song (that I’ve heard 2,394 times).

Hope to inspire the dance within you this month. ; Re-re-re-mix!


Guest Post: Self Reflection in September


Lexie Anderson here from Design and the City as the September guest blogger! I love the concept of Resolution Revolution and jumped at the chance to attempt my own.

A few weeks ago, I hosted a self-discovery workshop with my amazingly insightful step-mother, Jane Lambert, as our guide through an afternoon journey of soul searching. Jane is a life coach and mentor by profession; I wanted to take full advantage of this resource and share her knowledge with my closest Kansas City friends. It was a fun and enlightening afternoon and ever since, I have been inspired to take it a step further.

Jane spoke of how she was especially passionate about these workshops because she fully believes in living her own life with a sense of purpose and direction. Of course we all do, but how often do we take the time with all of our everyday distractions, to really reflect on ourselves to stay on track? Jane makes a point of doing this every day.

My September resolution is to take 5 (minutes), once in the morning and once in the evening, to sit in silence with nothing around me but my own thoughts. This is such a small time commitment yet I suspect a challenge for any of us to execute in our busy lives.

I’m really looking forward to getting reacquainted with myself again and making my purpose and passions more of a priority! Will you join me?

Not So Mad Money


In the past, whenever I have looked in-depth at finances, I have always felt stressed and overwhelmed. This month has really made me feel the most organized and in control of my money that I have ever experienced.  Several items from my to-do list have finally been crossed off, after months of procrastinating.  Not spending money on things other than food was not as hard as I thought it would be. That said- Yay, October! I can spend money again!  I hope to move forward and *gasp!* regularly use my budget to help me make more decisions about purchases.

And speaking of October, my resolution for next month is all about our dogs- I’d plan to “wag more, bark less.”