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Dog Tales


Here it is: my monthly confession in which I disclose that I didn’t accomplish my resolution with 100% success- I didn’t walk my dogs every day. (You knew that was coming, right?) I did reconnect with my first babies, Angus and Dudley, every day- and wasn’t that the point?  I re-committed myself to adding just a few more minutes each day of discipline (i.e. sitting before meals, doing tricks).  I’m always amazed at what little effort it takes to improve their behavior (…or mine?  Hmmm…).

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I look like a circus act, pushing a stroller and walking 200+ lbs. of dogs around the neighborhood.  And sometimes I feel like a circus act too.  Last week, I was walking both dogs (and pushing the stroller), when a woman walking a chihuahua mix said “Wow.  Your dogs are so calm.”  I should have thanked her and praised my sweet dogs but instead I responded with something like “There’s a dozen adjectives I would probably use to describe them and calm isn’t one of them.”  But that really made me think though about the stories I tell myself about my dogs (“they’re crazy,” “they’re annoying,” etc.).  Are these stories the truth? Maybe.  Or is it just my perception that is off?  Yes, Dudley has a lot of energy, but he’s a good dog.  Angus loves to bark, but he’s a good dog.  I think I have been the Debbie Downer of dog owners and this month has helped me change my story.  I am blessed to have my dogs- calm or crazy.

Dog Days


This month I’d like to give my dogs more attention. Well, actually, more exercise and discipline, as Cesar Milan suggests- and then, attention.  Of course, walking the dogs  in the gorgeous weather Austin has experienced has been lovely.
Yesterday, I realized how serendipitous it was that I watched my Netflixed DVD, Marmaduke, on my kick-off day of October.  The movie was heart-warming and silly- just like the quirky personalities of Great Danes.