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Mind Jar


Here is the mind jar I made with my daughter:

We added confetti stars and I sealed it with silicone caulk. Some of the mind jars I saw on Pinterest appeared to be made of glass but it made more sense to use plastic for ours (i.e. upset child instructed to calm down and given glass jar=even more disasterous situation).

Isn’t it beautiful?




This morning I was making a “mind jar” with my daughter and thinking about how much fun it is to be able to do projects with her. I also realized that I didn’t have a resolution chosen for this month yet. I kept thinking about Pinterest projects that would be fun to work on and how much I enjoy being creative.  And then I thought more about my resolution for this month, or lack of a resolution.  And then my mind wandered again to fun craft projects.  This continued for most of the morning until *aha!*  Why don’t I complete some of the many recipes, DIY projects, crafts, etc. that I have spent hours pinning on Pinterest?  I hope February holds hours of Pinterest creativity for me (and you?)!