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Lunch Date, Anyone?


Nordstrom is having their Triple Points Reward event this week (Wednesday through Sunday), which their cardholders (me!) get 3x the points on purchases. However, I won’t be buying any clothes or shoes this week.

Luckily, Nordstrom Cafe is one of my favorite places to eat too!

September Confession


Yes, I’m saving lots of money (every category in our budget on mint.com is “green” -vs. yellow or red). Yes, I’m checking off several financial tasks off my to do list.

But is it bad that I have a list of things going in my head that I will buy October 1st?



Last night, I went into CVS and walked out with new mascara. Sitting in my car, I suddenly remembered this month’s resolution. Doh!
It seems that my darling husband does read these posts after all. When I told him I would love to get a pedicure, he reminded me that pedicures are hard to consume. Doh!

P.S. My Challenge


I completely forgot to mention something very important in my last post. I’m not buying anything this month that I can’t consume, which in my opinion means that I can’t buy clothes, shoes, Target “must-haves,” etc.

So, today I tried on clothes at the Banana Republic and did not buy them. Of course, they fit well and I actually *liked* how they looked. But unless I can eat it, I am not buying.



Inspired by a friend who recently addressed her finances, as well as a nagging need to ‘get my ducks in a row,’ this month I will be tackling my financial world head-on.

I’ll give you a topic- the Industwial Wevolution was neitha industrwial nor a wevolution. ┬áDiscuss.

No, really- what resources or strategies help you stay on top financially?