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Yahoo! January 1st is such a momentous day for this blog. It’s our 2nd anniversary! Thank you for reading and playing along with me. WordPress just sent me a summary of this year’s visitors- how fun that we’ve had visitors from Canada and Italy? It does make this giant world seem a little smaller.

My husband (and a few of his friends) suggested we be vegetarians this month. After eating lots of meat during both pregnancies, I’m ready to get back to what always felt natural to me (since November 1995). My challenge this month will be to try out more vegan food and to be a healthy vegetarian (and less of a gelato/candy/potato chip/fried cheese-eating sort of vegetarian). I’m hoping to have a few guest posts on here too (maybe you?).

As always, if you feel inclined, I’d love for you to join in on the resolution fun. Or share your own resolutions- what are your resolutions?

Happy 2012 to you all!



I love resolutions. Each year, for the past two decades or so, I’ve looked forward to making my list of resolutions for the new year. And each year, I (perhaps like you?) have had a list of resolutions I never completed.

So, as I sat down to figure out my new years’ resolutions for 2010, I was inspired with a new idea. Why not focus on one resolution each month?

As one of my favorite celebrities/TV hosts/magazine owner/philanthropists/actresses/producers has said, “You can have it all. Just not at the same time.”   Here’s to having it all, a little bit more each month!