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I Heart Shiva Rea


Shiva Rea has been my favorite yogi for a long time. This month, I experienced a few of her practices for the first time.   Surf Yoga Soul is a fun DVD, set on a beach with surf boards, naturally. It’s enjoyable even if you’re not a surfer (which I’m not) and emphasizes wave-related movements of the body within the poses.

Yesterday I did Yoga Journal’s Shiva Rea Free Flow Vinyasa DVD. It was a recorded session from a Yoga Journal Conference. It doesn’t have the gorgeous backgrounds as in other DVDs but Shiva Rea’s words in this practice were so thought-provoking for me.
I LOVE Shiva Rea’s Yoga Shakti, Fluid Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yoga Trance Dance. All three of these have several pre-set yoga practices but they also contain a “yoga matrix” in which you can design your own practices from the different segments. I’ve had these DVDs for years and I’m still not bored with them.

Restorative Yoga


During the last few days, I’ve been run down with allergies, life, etc. and have felt like I needed some restorative yoga. I found a couple Yoga Nidra podcasts (from January 2008) by Elsie’s Yoga Class on iTunes. And speaking of podcasts, I’ve enjoyed yoga podcasts from Yoga To the People, Yoga Journal, Power Yoga with Dave Farmer and 20 minute Yoga Sessions from Yogadownloads.com.

I’m always looking for new yoga resources. Any restorative poses that you love? Great podcasts?

The Naked Truth


In my search for yoga classes, I discovered Austin Naked Yoga.  I don’t envision myself going to this in June (…or most likely ever).  However, I would happily welcome a guest blogger.

Each month I try to get a little outside of my comfort zone with the resolution I pick.  While doing nude yoga publicly is out of the question for me, I decided to do yoga at home naked, all by myself, shades drawn.  And it was…interesting.  Why did it feel so foreign to be in my birthday suit?  Why did I feel so vulnerable/giddy/embarrassed/plump/natural/ego-less/beautiful? I can’t say I enjoyed the practice more, but it was different.  It was certainly an exercise of self-acceptance .

(With my clothes on,) I read this article in Yoga Journal and was truly surprised at the growing popularity of nude yoga.

Anyone think this is totally wacky?  I double-dog dare you to try it.  I just might try it again too.

First Crawlers & Toddlers Yoga


My daughter had a great time at her first Crawlers & Toddlers yoga class today, despite missing her morning nap. It is always so incredible to me how the little ones respond to the bowl ringing and om chanting.
It was also fascinating for me to watch Delaney bolt from my arms, explore the room for awhile but then search for my face among the mamas in order to check back in.   It is a constant lesson for both of us in learning to let go, a balance between freedom and protection.


(Thanks, Delora, for an awesome class!)



I’ve always disagreed whole-heartedly with the famous Love Story line, “love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  However, Love Story actress Ali MacGraw’s Yoga Mind & Body DVD was what kicked off my June yoga practice.  It actually kicked off my yoga practice in 1995, when I picked up the VHS tape (!).  It has beautiful music, scenery, cinematography, as well as a well-rounded practice.  But my favorite part about this practice are the words spoken during savasana, “love is what’s left when you let go of everything you don’t need.”  Isn’t that perfect?