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What Keeps You Motivated? Take Two.


It’s time for my typical confession at the end of the month- I’ve missed a two days of exercise in the this month.  Can I use the excuse that my daughter was sick for almost a week?   The truth is, it’s hard to stay motivated- even if I have a blog that helps to keep me accountable.   This month has been successful in getting back on track.  Tonight I actually requested that my husband feel my abs (…and he seemed quite underwhelmed by my stronger core- thanks, hon!).  This resolution is naturally one I’d like to continue, preferably for my entire lifetime.  I thought I would take a moment to gather some strategies for keeping motivated about fitness:

  • Keeping a schedule and sticking with it.
  • Good music- I recently discovered a podcast called Motion Traxx, which has premixed workout music.  Writing this post though has just inspired me to make up my own playlist.  Any can’t-help-but-move-my-booty music suggestions?
  • Having a workout buddy.  Making workout dates (instead of going out to eat dates!).
  • New workout clothes
  • Keeping it fun.
  • Oh, yes- and the satisfaction of knowing I’m doing the healthy thing.

What keeps you moving?

Restorative Yoga


During the last few days, I’ve been run down with allergies, life, etc. and have felt like I needed some restorative yoga. I found a couple Yoga Nidra podcasts (from January 2008) by Elsie’s Yoga Class on iTunes. And speaking of podcasts, I’ve enjoyed yoga podcasts from Yoga To the People, Yoga Journal, Power Yoga with Dave Farmer and 20 minute Yoga Sessions from Yogadownloads.com.

I’m always looking for new yoga resources. Any restorative poses that you love? Great podcasts?