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The Anti-Anxiety Diet


I’m not sure if it’s the frantic business of being a mom of 2, my post-partum hormones, my lack of sleep, my sometimes horrendous diet (fast food is sometimes the only option…) or my sugar addiction (or all of the above?), but I’ve been feeling anxious lately. I experienced terrible anxiety attacks in college and I will do everything I need to avoid going back to that dark place.

So, my resolution this month is to put myself on a diet, an anti-anxiety diet:

  • reduce sugar intake
  • reduce processed foods
  • reduce caffeine and alcohol
  • exercise regularly
  • daily meditation/checking-in spiritually
  • adequate sleep
  • giving myself space and boundaries (i.e. saying no, being easier on myself, etc.)

Am I missing anything?  What do you do to keep yourself balanced?

Restful November, Magical December


I’m truly honest when I say I really have slept relatively well this month. It was the perfect resolution, because I really focused on getting as much sleep and resting when I could. I’ll also be honest and say it was hard to do with a toddler, newborn and (almost done!) remodeling project that needed attention. I hope you all had a sweetly slumbering month as well.
And it’s December- can you believe it? I struggled these last few days thinking of what I’d do this month- what should this month be about? What do I need? Maybe it’s the Elf on the Shelf idea that we’re implementing at our house (with no effect on behavior whatsoever…), maybe it’s the sweetness of having a newborn, or perhaps the fact that I had “The Final Countdown” running through my head all day yesterday, but it occurred to me that this is a magical time. So this holiday season, I’m going to embrace the magic of having a precocious toddler and a darling newborn. Wishing you all a magical December as well!