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Peace On Earth


Today I chose to do a meditation on the word “peace.” I sat for about 5 minutes and just repeated the word “peace” to myself. If you’re playing along at home, you can choose any word that resonates with you (e.g. “love,” “balance,” “breathe,” etc.) to focus on. Simple. Quiet. Peaceful.

Just Around the Riverbend


I have deck of meditation cards and did this one tonight:

Release Your Control

Develop a more relaxed attitude toward life using this meditiation. Imagine yourself in a small rowboat. You are trying to row to the bank, but strong currents tug at the boat, keeping you on a course down the middle of the river. Exhausted, you stop rowing. At first you feel defeated, but then you realize that the experience of being gently swept along by the currents is pleasurable, even calming. try to release your need to control things in life– doing so will bring you peace.