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Say What? Photos


During a conversation with my friend/massage therapist/top blog commenter, Kelly, I thought it might be fun to add my own pin idea to Pinterest. Instead of just writing down the cute things that D says, I’ve started taking her picture with her favorite sayings and funny statements. I know someday it will be fun to remember these adorable expressions and the adorable face that goes with them. Of course, I imagined these photos would have her standing still in front of the whiteboard/chalkboard, but even with bribery of candy, this is the (still cute) result.

Such a nurturing big sister!

She loves the opportunity for a “SURPRISE!”

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get her photo in front of the board for telling me “Yay, Mommy you tinkled!  Good job!  I so proud of you.”  🙂

Mind Jar


Here is the mind jar I made with my daughter:

We added confetti stars and I sealed it with silicone caulk. Some of the mind jars I saw on Pinterest appeared to be made of glass but it made more sense to use plastic for ours (i.e. upset child instructed to calm down and given glass jar=even more disasterous situation).

Isn’t it beautiful?


Restful November, Magical December


I’m truly honest when I say I really have slept relatively well this month. It was the perfect resolution, because I really focused on getting as much sleep and resting when I could. I’ll also be honest and say it was hard to do with a toddler, newborn and (almost done!) remodeling project that needed attention. I hope you all had a sweetly slumbering month as well.
And it’s December- can you believe it? I struggled these last few days thinking of what I’d do this month- what should this month be about? What do I need? Maybe it’s the Elf on the Shelf idea that we’re implementing at our house (with no effect on behavior whatsoever…), maybe it’s the sweetness of having a newborn, or perhaps the fact that I had “The Final Countdown” running through my head all day yesterday, but it occurred to me that this is a magical time. So this holiday season, I’m going to embrace the magic of having a precocious toddler and a darling newborn. Wishing you all a magical December as well!